Rachel Chew » Ms. Chew's HELPFUL SUPPORT!


Ms. Chew's Helpful Support Staff include Mrs. Karen Lee, Mr. Mark Dresser and Mr. Nelson Kuan. Ms. Chew is grateful to her support staff, without which she would be lost! 
Mrs. Karen Lee is an accomplished pianist, private piano teacher and accompanist for several locations, including Westridge School For Girls in Pasadena, and Young-Nak Presbyterian Church. She has been a helpful support to the choral program at JMS, and we are grateful that she has been able to help us out for the past several years!
Mr. Mark Dresser is Ms. Chew's husband, who also assists her in her performances, field trips and rehearsals. Formerly a full-time Amazon Logistics driver, he is now a full-time substitute teacher here in our district, and is often seen at JMS. He still finds time to assist Ms. Chew with all her instruments and gear like her keyboard, amp and speaker, helps record performances, and supervises students on music field trips and off campus events and performances. Mr. Dresser is an important part of the choral program, and helps make the program successful. Ms. Chew is blessed to have such a helpful and supportive husband and assistant!
Mr. Nelson Kuan was the bass coach for JMS Orchestra, and assisted Ms. Chew with her Sound Production class and helped out in the Elementary Strings program. Mr. Kuan graduated from Cal. State Northridge, is completing his Masters in Education and is student teaching. We are glad to have Mr. Kuan assist Ms. Chew whenever he is able to!