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California State Standardized Testing is Coming in May

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (or CAASPP) is the state of California's implementation of Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium's (SBAC) adaptive, computer-based, state-standardized testing. CAASPP testing will be taking place on Monday (5/15), Tuesday (5/16), Thursday (5/18), and Friday (5/19). Wednesday (5/17) will be a regular collaboration day schedule with dismissal at 1:00 PM. Different from prior years, Jefferson Middle School plans on having sixth, seventh, and eighth graders testing at the same time on these four days. 
The first two days of testing will be used to address the Language Arts section of the test while the second two days of testing will be used for the Math section. Make up testing will take place the following week.
Students will also be dismissed at 1:00 PM on testing days. This means that all students will be dismissed at 1:00 PM every day during the week of 5/15/17. Please refer to the table below:
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
07:26-08:10 0 period 0 period NO TESTING 0 period 0 period
08:15-08:45 period 1 period 4 Day to run period 8 period 3
08:50-09:20 period 2 period 5/6 as regularly period 1 period 4
09:25-09:55 period 3 period 7 scheduled period 2 period 5/6
09:55-10:01 break break Dismissal break break
10:06-12:21 CAT testing PT testing period 5/6 CAT testing PT testing
12:21-13:00 lunch lunch   lunch lunch