Parent Academy: Bridging the Future Together - 9am on Saturday, May 4 at JMS

San Gabriel Unified is proud to announce
Parent Academy: Bridging the Future Together

This will be a day of learning and fun for the entire family.
The opening keynote will be about artificial intelligence (AI) and what the future holds for
you and your students.
There will be breakout sessions and workshops for parents of different grade levels from TK
to High School. Workshops will include:
• Launching a Playful Beginning (TK/K)
• Learning Through Play -The Foundation for Success (Elementary)
• Bridging the Gap (Middle School)
o Transitioning into Adolescence
o Listening Circles (5th-8th grade)
• From Bridge to Shore (High School)
o How to Prepare Your Child for College AND Career
o Dual Enrollment and Career Technical Education
• Special Education
o Behavior Intervention Strategies
You will have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with district directors, community
partners, and educational leaders, who are happy to answer your questions.

Parent Academy will take place on
Saturday, May 4, 2024 at Jefferson Middle School