JMS: Schedule Updates Grades 6-8

Good morning Jefferson families,
We are experiencing a technical challenge that prevents us from allowing access to class schedules in the parent portal. We expect that to be resolved next Tuesday after which all families who have completed Data Confirmation will be able to access their schedules. In the meantime, we are printing class schedules for all students, grades 6-8. We will verify that Data Confirmation has been completed and provide schedules. Grade 6 is ready now. Grades 7 and 8 will be available today from 12pm-3pm and tomorrow from 8am-3pm. Again, Data Confirmation must be completed or we will not provide a schedule. We can provide assistance with the process for those that need it.

  1. Complete Data Confirmation
  2. Come to registration days: August 11 or 12
    1. Grade 6 schedules are available now
    2. Grade 7 and 8 schedules are available after 12 today

For returning students
Visit to update or confirm that the existing student information is correct and acknowledge that they have read the required documents. Support documentation can be found on the District website Click the Parents tab. Click Online resources and click Updating Student Data for clear, step-by-step directions. Once the data confirmation process is complete, parents must print and sign the “Confirmation Page.  The signed “Confirmation Page must be turned in on registration day to complete registration. 
Parents who do not have an active Parent Portal account can find instructions to create an account on the District website   Click on the Parents tab, click Online resources and click Creating New account Aeries.Net.  Parents will need a valid email address to register. Parents with an existing Parent Portal account do need to create a new account. 
To add a new student to an existing accounta parent must first log in to the Parent Portal. In the top right corner of the Parent Portal there is a Change Student dropdown menu of student currently assigned to this account as well as the option to Add New Student to Your Account. Simply click on Change Student and select Add new Student to Your Account. The user will then be taken to a page that will ask for the new student’s ID number, Home telephone and Verification Pass Code. 
If have forgotten your password 
click on the “Forgot Password” link. If you need further assistance beyond that, please email: [email protected] for support.