JMS Student Tech Support Info

Hello JMS parents & students,
If you need to request an appointment to pick up a Chromebook, please call the JMS office @ 626.287.5260.
If you are having an issue with a district-issued device or need a password reset for your student's ID, please use the following link:
Please be sure to include the student ID, any error messages that are displayed, and any relevant info, to help facilitate a speedy resolution.
For those of you interested in hot spots, we do not have any available at this time.
Please check this SGUSD page for a list of Student Internet Access options:
Please remember, your student needs to be identifiable by the teacher in Zoom for attendance and participation purposes. This is a well done cheat sheet on how to change your participant name in Zoom [External Link]Change your name in Zoom
For tips in troubleshooting wifi and hotspot connections, please review the documents located here
We're happy to announce that we can now offer a weekly report of your student's internet activity, IF your student is using a district-issued Chromebook. For more details, please visit this page: Parent Relay Report info
Stay tuned to this space for future support developments, as procedures evolve.
Thank you for your patience,
Nick Morabito
JMS Site Support Technician
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