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您好!我是 Cora譚老師,是ELD英語學習班的助教老師.
Hola! Mi nombre es Cora Tam. Yo soy asistente de instrucción en las clases del Desarrollo del Idioma In-glés (ELD).
Hi! I am an instructional aide for the ELD classes.  I am a native of Hong Kong, so I speak Mandarin and Cantonese.  
I am a graduate of University of Minnesota.

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欢迎来到我们这个 Jefferson初中(JMS)的大家庭!

我是谭老师(Cora Tam),是ELD 学生的助教老师。 ELD (English Language Development) 课程是一个支持和帮助你的孩子,让英文变得流利而熟练的课程。本学年,我很荣幸可以与你的孩子共事。正如大家所知,家长的参与是每位孩子成功的重要关键。以下我想为大家提供帮助你达到学业目标的一些技巧。


* 定期在 JMS家长网络中检查你孩子的学习进度。教师们会定期在网站上更新学生的课堂/家庭作业,测验/考试和报告项目的成绩。如果你还没有登记家长网络的帐户,请到学校联系吴老师(Mandy Ng)。

* 启发你的孩子在任何时间都尽力而为,将最好的表现出来。表现良好的学生经老师推荐,可以在开学时、第一和第二个学季初, 以及在加州英语评核试(ELPAC)拿到满意的成绩进升到正常英语课程。



* 每天检查你孩子的记事本。所有课堂/家庭作业,将有的测验/考试和报告项目,应该每天都写在记事本上。

* 尽快寻求帮助。 JMS提供以下的课后功课辅导:

        -AVID 功课辅导 - 图书馆内的科技室。周一,二,四 2:45 至4:30 。周五         2:45 至4:00。

         -Options - 免费的课后计划。请向JMS办公室索取更多资料。

          -亚裔青少年中心(AYC) - 收费的辅导计划。请向JMS办公室索取传单。

* ELD学生在家里的支持:

       - 鼓励孩子在课堂上要尊心学习,温习测验和考试,按时完成课堂和家庭作业,以及报告项目。

        -激励孩子每天阅读至少30分钟任何类型的英文材料。经常使用字典。从 JMS 或公共图书馆多借书阅读。




* 确保你的孩子每天得到充足的睡眠,准备好来上学。

* 请保持耐心。转换到一个新的国家,学习新的语言,是不容易适应的事情。




我们的使命是为帮助你的孩子成为一位英语流利,以及在我们学校能良好适应的学生。家长的参与和配合,绝对能提高学生行为和态度的表现,以及学术的成绩。非常重要的让我们共同努力,帮助你的孩子取得成功。如有任何疑问或意见,请随时致电 ,  Ms. Mandy Ng(吴老师)于626-287-5260分机



Cora Tam(谭老师)


Tips to Achieve Academic Goals

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to our Jefferson Middle School (JMS) Family!

My name is Cora Tam. I am an instructional aide for the ELD students. ELD is a program that supports and helps your child become fluent and proficient in English language. It’s my privilege to work with your child this school year. As many of you know, parents’ involvement is the key for every child’s success. I would like to provide some tips for you to achieve academic goals.

Student Progress:

* View your child’s progress on the JMS Parent Portal on a regular basis. Teachers report the student's’ grades on classwork/homework, quizzes/tests and projects on the Portal. If you haven’t signed up, please contact JMS office.

* If a teacher do not have the Parent portal set up, they will send a progress report home in a regular basis. Please review, sign and return.

* Inspire your child to do and show their best at ALL time. Students who perform well may advance to a higher ELD level with teachers’ recommendation at the beginning of the school year, first and second quarters.

Homework Assignment:

* Check your child’s agenda daily. All the classwork/homework assignments, upcoming quizzes/tests and projects should be written on the agenda daily. Some teachers might use Google Classroom. Students will have their individual account to sign in. Please ask your child for the user name and password.

* Get help as soon as possible. JMS provides the following afterschool homework assistance:

* AVID Tutoring - Tech Room next of the Media Center. Monday to Friday from 2:45 pm to 4:30 pm.

* Options - Free enrichment program. More information is available in the JMS office.

* Asian Youth Center (AYC) - Fee-based tutoring program. Flyers are available in the JMS office.


 Supporting ELD students at home:

* Encourage your child to be attentive in the class, study for quizzes and exams, complete classwork, homework and projects on time.

* Motivate your child to read any English materials at least 20 minutes daily. Use a dictionary frequently. Checked out books from the JMS Library or public library.

* Allow your child to watch an English TV Channel or listen to an English radio station.

* Inspire your child to think and speak in English as often as possible.

* Stay involved and feel free to contact your child’s teacher, myself or the counselor with any questions or concerns.

* Make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep and is ready for school each day.

* Be patient. It is difficult to move to a new country and learn a new language.

Besides, the following websites are may be helpful to the students for homework assignment or further learning: * * * 

Our mission is to help your child become a fluent English speaker and well adapted to our school. Engaged parents can improve students’ achievement and make a huge difference in behaviors and attitudes. It is important that we work together to help your child succeed. Any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at 626-287-5260 or

Thanks for your support!


Cora Tam

Instructional Aide - Bilingual