Jefferson Middle School

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Cal Tech Physicist visits Jefferson Middle School!

For the 4th year in a row Dr. Spyridon Michalakis came to geek out with Mrs. Wolpert-Gawron's 8th grade students and help them figure out the science to legitimize their superhero powers for their sci-fi origin stories. Cue minds blown! Spiros was the Quantum Physicist consultant on Marvel's Ant-man and the co-creator of Quantum Chess featured in his short film with Paul Rudd and Dr. Stephen Hawking, Everyone Can Quantum.

The students spent their time asking him AMAZING questions, pushing back on previously understood ideas, and coming up with adjustments to their powers on the fly. Spiros had conversations with the kids about the science behind everything from dimensional leaping and pre-cognition to telepathy and shapeshifting. It was an amazing day of talking about science and storytelling.

"In the comic books, the villains are the ones with the brains. But in real life, the people who can think clearly and use their imagination can really change the world."

Every year Spiros helps to convince the kids that even they can be the heroes.
The kids had such a great time, and the Make Writing Language Arts class even printed him an "S" for Science, Superheroes, Storytelling, and Spiros!