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Friday, May 26, 2017, is a 1:00 PM dismissal for all students. Have a Great Memorial Day Weekend!
Ms. Joann Cho » Welcome to Ms. Cho's U.S. History Class!

Welcome to Ms. Cho's U.S. History Class!

Hello!  My name is Joann Cho.  I am a new teacher here at Jefferson and excited for this school year.  A little about myself:
- Graduate of UCLA with a BA in History and Asian American Studies.
- Graduate of George Washington University with a Master's in Education.
- Taught at the high school level for 7 years in the Glendale Unified School District.
- Taught 11th grade AP U.S. History and 9th grade Contemporary World Affairs.
- Relocated to North Carolina for 3 years.
- Took some time off to care for my children and now ecstatic to be teaching middle school.

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Final Project of the Year

Reconstruction Storyboard Instructions

In the packet provided, you will use each page to create a storyboard for each section of chapter 23. 

  1. Divide each page up into the number of sections corresponding to the number of sub-sections within the chapter section. For example, there are 4 sub-sections in chapter 23.2, divide the page up into 4 squares.  For 2 sections, divide paper into 2 parts, etc.  (See examples in class)
  2. After reading each sub-section, create a title, write a short summary, create an illustration, and write a question that is not directly answered in the text.
  3. You will create a storyboard for Chapter 23.2-23.7. Therefore, you should have a total of 6 storyboards in your packet. 
  4. If you would like to submit a digital storyboard, you may do so. Digital storyboards must include illustrations which you create on your own.

Due:  Friday, 5/26/17

An excellent story board will include:

-     Descriptive, detailed summary, in your own words.

-     Illustration clearly depicting the essential points of the section.

-     Effort and neatness (colored, neatly written or typed)

-     All chapter sections and sub-sections completed.


This is the final project for the year that we will be working on for the next 2 1/2 weeks.  Therefore, your grade can be greatly affected.

-     Excellent work = increase of grade by one level (Example: from B+ to A-, from B- to B, etc.)

-     Average work = grade will remain the same

-     Less than average work = decrease of grade by one level (Example: From B- to C+)

-     No work submitted = decrease of grade by two levels (Example: from A- to B, From C to D+, etc.)

Chapter 22 Notebook Checklist


  1. Pgs. 133-134:  Notes on Strengths and Weaknesses of North and South
  2. P. 135: Essential Question:  What was 3-step war plan of North?
  3. Pgs. 136-137: What is missing from my chapter 22 notes? (Class notes)
Please note I will also be collecting the Civil War Packets students have been working on along with their notebooks tomorrow, 5/11/17, the day of the chapter 22 quiz.

Chapter 21 Notebook Checklist

1.  P. 126:  Division Video notes:  10 facts and 3-4 sentence thoughts, opinions, etc.
2. Pgs. 127-128:  Chapter 21.1-21.5 Class Notes
3. Pgs. 129-130:  Chapter 21 Quizlet: 25 terms
4. Pgs. 131-132:  Chapter 21.6-21.9 Class Notes
Notebooks will be collected Thursday, 4/27, the same day as the Chapter 19-21 Test

Chapter 19-20 Notebook Checklist

CHAPTER 19 & 20 NOTEBOOK CHECK:  Wednesday, 4/19

  1. Pgs. 120-121: Chapter 19 & 20 class notes
  2. Pg. 122: Chapter 20.1-20.2 short answer responses
  3. Pg. 123: Chapter 20.3-20.5 short answer responses
  4. Pg. 124: Chapter 20.6-20.8 short answer responses
  5. Pg. 125: Chapter 20.9-20.11 short answer responses

Chapter 14 and 15 Notebook Checklist

Notebooks due Tuesday, 3/21/17


  1. Pgs. 99-100: Chapter 14 Quizlet vocab list
  2. Pgs. 101-104: Chapter 14 jigsaw notes
  3. Pgs. 105-108: Chapter 15 jigsaw notes
  4. Pgs. 109-110: Chapter 14 & 15 class notes: Notes missing from mine
  5. Pgs. 111-112:  Chapter 15 Quizlet vocabulary terms

Chapter 12/13.3 Notebook Checklist

Notebooks will be collected on Monday, 2/27.  Please check your notebooks to be sure all of the following assignments are in the notebook:
  1. Pgs. 89-90: Quizlet Vocabulary List: 11 terms
  2. P. 91: Chapter 12 Reading Anticipation Guide
  3. P. 92: Chapter 12.2-12.3 Class Notes- What did I miss?
  4. P. 93: Chapter 12.4-12.5 Class Notes/War of 1812 Video Summary
  5. P. 94: Chapter 12.6-12.7 Class Notes/War of 1812 Video Summary
  6. P. 95: Chapter 12.8 Class Notes
  7. P. 96: Chapter 12.9-12.10 Class Notes/War of 1812 Video Summary
  8. P. 97: Chapter 13.3 Class Notes/War of 1812 Video Summary

Political Banner Project due: extended to Monday, 2/6


In Chapter 11, we learned about the beginnings of political parties. With this activity, you will create campaign banners in support of the party that is assigned to you, either Federalists or Republicans. For full credit, your banner should include the following:

  1. The name of your party in large letters that can be read at a distance. (5 points)
  2. A catchy slogan that announces why a Federalist or Republican should be elected president in 1800. (10 points)
  3. A picture or illustration of your party’s founder (Alexander Hamilton or Thomas Jefferson). (10 points)
  4. Colorful visuals illustrating three ways in which Americans will benefit under the leadership of a Federal or Republican president. (30 points)
  5. Captions for all the visuals. (15 points)

Total Points Possible: 70

Chapter 11 and Essay Notebook Checklist

Please review your notebook and make sure it is in order with the following items.  I will be collecting and checking notebooks on Friday, 2/3/17.


  • P. 78- Background Essay Questions
  • P. 79- Hook Exercise
  • P. 80- Essay Outline
  • P. 81- Chapter 11.1-11.3 Reading Questions
  • P. 82- Chapter 11.4 Reading Notes
  • P. 83- Chapter 11.5 Reading Notes
  • P. 84- Chapter 11.6 Reading Notes
  • P. 85- “I Am” Poem
  • P. 86- Chapter 11.7-11.8 Reading Questions
  • P. 87- Political Banner Instructions
  • P. 88- Notebook Checklist (This list)

How did the Constitution guard against Tyranny Essay

This is the essay question we have been working on since we returned from winter break.  The essay is due through Google Classroom by tonight (1/17/16) at midnight.  Please be sure to use the written outline in your notebooks to help guide your essay.  This essay is worth 100 points so please make every effort to submit this assignment on time.

Last project for the semester


In place of an exam, this is a final project for Chapter 10. You will create a comic strip for this project using the template provided.

  1. Review the Bill of Rights (Amendments #1-10).
  2. Begin brain-storming ideas for an illustration that represents the main purpose for each Amendment. You may work with a partner to brain-storm ideas, however, you will each need to come up with your own set of comic strips.
  3. You may use a combination of pictures (half) and your own illustrations (half) for each Amendment illustration, or you may draw the entire project either by hand or using a computer.
  4. Color your drawings so the pictures “pop” and provide dialogue in each drawing to help make clear which Amendment you are addressing.
  5. Be sure to note which Amendment is being depicted for each illustration, i.e. First Amendment, Second Amendment, etc.
  6. Your work must be original, and cannot be solely made up of pictures you find in magazines or elsewhere.
  7. For extra credit, you may present your comic strip to the class and discuss what you created, and how/why each illustration addresses each Amendment.

Due: Thursday, 12/22/2016


  • Accuracy of depicting Amendment: 50 points
  • Effort (color, dialogue, neatness): 50 pointsTotal points possible: 100 points
  • Presentation Extra Credit points possible: 10

Chapter 10 Notebook Checklist

This is our last chapter for the semester.  Please review your notebook to ensure all of the following are included for this final notebook check on Thursday, 12/22/2016

Chapter 10 Notebook Checklist

  1. P. 72: Amendment #1-5 Supreme Court Case (2) summaries
  2. P. 73: Amendment 1-5 Notes
  3. P. 74: Amendment #6-10 Supreme Court Case (2) summaries
  4. P. 75: Amendment 6-10 Notes
  5. P. 76: Bill of Rights Comic Strip Project Instructions
  6. P. 77: Chapter Notebook Checklist

Chapter 9 Notebook Checklist

Notebooks will be collected next Thursday 12/8 for periods 1 & 2 and next Friday, 12/9, for period 3.  Please review your notebooks to ensure all of the following are included for full credit.


  1. P. 61: Chapter 9.1-9.3 Notes
  2. P. 62: Terms & Definitions
  3. P. 63: Chapter 9.3-9.4 Notes
  4. P. 64: Terms & Definitions
  5. P. 65: Chapter 9.4-9.5 Notes
  6. P. 66: “The Constitution: A More Perfect Union” Video Notes
  7. P. 67: Chapter 9.6-9.8 Notes
  8. P. 68: “The Constitution: Created Equal” Video Notes
  9. P. 69: Chapter 9.8-9.9 Notes
  10. P. 70: Notebook Checklist
  11. P. 71: (Periods 1 & 2 only): “The Constitution: Built to Last” Video Notes

Chapter 8 Notebook Checklist

Notebooks will be collected next Thursday, 11/17.  Please review the notebook to ensure all assignments/notes indicated below are included.  The chapter 8 quiz will also be on 11/17. 


  1. P. 49: Chapter 8.1-8.2 Notes
  2. P. 50: Cartoon Analysis Questions
  3. P. 51: Chapter 8.3-8.4 Notes
  4. P. 52: Chapter 8.4 Summary
  5. P. 53: Chapter 8.4-8.5 Notes
  6. P. 54: Electoral College Research Questions and Answers
  7. P. 55: Chapter 8.6-8.7 Notes
  8. P. 56: Bubble Map for key parts of Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, & Great Compromise
  9. P. 57: Chapter 8.8-8.10 Notes
  10. P. 58: The Federalist Papers: Document Analysis Questions
  11. P. 59: Chapter 8.11-8.12 Notes

Chapter 7 Notebook Checklist

Notebooks will be collected this Friday, 11/4 for a check of chapter 7 work.  Please go over the following items to ensure they are all included in your notebook.


  1. P. 41:  Chapter 7.1-7.3 Notes
  2. P. 42: Chapter 7.1-7.5 Reading Questions
  3. P. 43: Chapter 7.4-7.5 Notes
  4. P. 44: Chapter 7.6-7.8 Reading Questions
  5. P. 45: Chapter 7.6 Notes
  6. P. 46: The Revolutionary War Video Notes:  10 Facts
  7. P. 47: Chapter 7.7-7.8 Notes

Chapter 6 Notebook Checklist

These items will be checked for in the Interactive Notebooks this Friday.  Please check student notebooks to ensure assignments have been completed and items are glued in.  Thank you!


  1. P. 33:  Chapter 6.1-6.2 Notes
  2. P. 34: Instructions for Colonists vs. British Debates (lavender sheet)
  3. P. 35: Chapter 6.3-6.4 Notes
  4. P. 36: Debate Prep lists/notes
  5. P. 37: Chapter 6.5-6.6 Notes
  6. P. 38: Debate Script
  7. P. 39: Notes during class debates